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We launch on the second Saturday of every month

Please Note

Due to the changeble nature of crops, we don't know more than a few weeks in advance the location of the next launch, but it will be at one of our three sites.

We advise checking this page regularly, emailing the below link or joining our mailing list to keep track.

If you plan to attend a launch day PLEASE email us first to check that it is on.

2008 Launch Dates:

Date Location Time
January 12th NWRS Wigan Site 11am
February 9th NWRS Wigan Site 11am
April 12th Wigan Site 11am
May 3rd-4th Big EARS! - Cambridge Weekend
June 14th Wigan Site 11am
July 12th Wigan Site 11am
August 9th Wigan Site 11am
September 13th Wigan Site 11am
October 11th Wigan Site 11am
November 8th Wigan Site 11am
December 13th Wigan Site & Pub Lunch 11am
This month's launch has passed. Check for up and coming dates.